June 11, 2010

Ziggs.com is Moving to California!

Goodbye winters... hello sunshine! We are excited to share the news that Ziggs.com has been acquired by ReputationDefender.com of Redwood City, in sunny CA. The mission of ReputationDefender is very synergistic with Ziggs’ mission to help professionals take charge of their online image. As both companies understand the importance of managing your online brand and identity, we feel ReputationDefender’s acquisition of Ziggs.com will continue to deliver ongoing value to Ziggs' customers.

What does this mean for you?

Your Ziggs Profile and the benefits you’ve enjoyed on the Ziggs platform will remain intact. You can continue to update your Ziggs Profile in the future at Ziggs.com. In addition, ReputationDefender will give you access to additional products and services to help you enhance the management and protection of your online identity. Learn more about how ReputationDefender can help protect your online image here. For those interested, here's the TechCrunch coverage of this news.

Thank you for your loyal support of Ziggs.com.

Best to all!

August 03, 2009

Put Your Profile to Work. Then Go on Vacation.

Whether you’re at work or on the beach, the virtual you can always be “on the job” online.

That’s the power of having a professional online presence on the web. Whether you’re on vacation in Capri or Cape Cod, hiking in the Himalayas or strolling in Havana, eating pizza in Naples or New York City, your digital presence is ready for action whether you’re in the office or not.

So as you enjoy your summer getaways, remember you can rest easier knowing that when someone searches for you on the web, they can find you online 24/7 with a professional presentation. This gives you an “at work” image, even when on the beach.

So, before you grab the sunscreen and beach towels, be sure to update your “at work” online image via your Ziggs Profile.

Happy Summer!

June 01, 2009

Picture Power

When you think of the Louvre, what image comes to mind? A vision of priceless art work, the Mona Lisa, a King’s palace…?

The picture above demonstrates the power of affecting a brand through imagery. This diaphanous building is the future home of an extension to the Louvre, to be located in Abu Dhabi. It’s such a dramatic contrast from the rock solid weightiness of the Louvre in Paris, it’s hard to juxtapose the two for the same brand idea. Thanks to BrandBlog for bringing a photo and this story to my attention.

You can achieve the same dramatic stop-them-in-their-tracks effect with your Ziggs Profile by using arresting photographs of yourself. Arrange for a professional photo to be taken of you in an unusual location, against a striking color background, or with black and white film.

Here are a few examples of members at Ziggs who have impacted their own professional brand with powerful personal portraits:

May 05, 2009

Cinco de Mayo. American Passion.

After having lived in southern California for a number of years, Cinco de Mayo became known to me as an official holiday of sorts. Although this date is not celebrated in Mexico outside of the state of Puebla, it has become a US day of celebration and pride for Mexican heritage… almost the Mexican version of a St. Patrick’s Day (another US-originating holiday that is not really celebrated in the country it commemorates).

Whether or not you celebrate Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick’s Day, these quasi-holidays are a fun reminder of the power of celebrating what inspires you. If you’re inspired to celebrate your family, your friends, your heritage, your co-workers, your neighbors, your school, you should do so. In a similar vein, remember to celebrate the aspects of yourself that inspire you the most – your career, your parenting, your interests, your political views – whatever you feel passionately about and want to share with others.

Of course, be sure to celebrate yourself and your passions in your Ziggs Profile. A Profile written with enthusiasm and authenticity will carry you farthest.

Dos tacos de pescados, por favor. Gracias amigo.

March 26, 2009

"Don't Deny Your DNA"

I give full credit for this thoughtful phrase to the company and person, Spike, that recently blogged about it at Brains on Fire, a highly creative identity agency.

Denying your "DNA" suggests that you’re ignoring your instincts or rejecting your personal gifts. But, in today’s world of economic quicksand, sticking to your “DNA” can be your key to staying afloat and grounded at the same time.

In fact, understanding your "DNA" - your personal brand - helps you know where you’re going and why. Once you're clear on your brand "DNA," you become more effective and focused in everything you do. For example, people who know their brand "DNA" tend to present the most compelling professional Profiles at Ziggs.com. These profiles are confident, clear and direct.

So, be sure to express your own brand “DNA” succinctly in your own Ziggs Profile now.

For more thoughts on this, read the recent Brains on Fire blog entry on this topic here.

February 25, 2009

What's Your Curb Appeal?

You know the house. It’s that one house on the block with the most inviting look from the street. It draws you in because it's so well-maintained. This kind of house certainly attracts buyers more easily than an overgrown house with a cluttered yard. Creating curb appeal for your home is key to your sales strategy. What about your career sales strategy? Have you checked your online curb appeal lately?

As the economic crisis continues to deepen, it’s even more critical that your online brand is professional and inviting. It’s important to ensure that prospective clients or employers enjoy almost effortless access to you through the internet, for new business, or a new job. Your Ziggs Profile is the first place to start updating your online curb appeal. Here are three quick steps to update your online brand.

1. Update the landscape. A good professional photo can be likened to a well-landscaped home. Make sure your online photos present you as current, fresh and focused.

2. Paint the house. Just as the proper paint choice and trim color make a house shine, presenting the right content and tone in your profile will make a difference in your ability to make an impact with the reader.

3. Be found on the map. If a buyer can’t find your house, it’s hard to sell it. Making sure your online profile is easily found in search results is equally important. Upgrading your online visibility in search results gives your online brand a competitive boost. Learn how Ziggs can do that for you.

Taking time to enhance your online curb appeal might make all the difference for you in the year ahead… So join Ziggs and create your free Ziggs Profile today. Or, if you already have one, update your Ziggs Profile now.


December 12, 2008

Pink Slip Job Tips

According to CNN, unemployment is at its highest rate in fifteen years. If you’re among those who have recently received a pink slip, you’re not alone. The good news is that with professional networking websites and online brand management services that are easy to use, a job seeker has more free tools in his job-seeking tool kit than ever before.

Gerri Willis from CNN recently reminded job seekers that in today’s market, it’s not always "what you know, but who you know." She says that 80% of jobs today are found through networking with someone you know. Gerri also suggests that professionals get visibility online for themselves using a free professional profile. This helps you be found when recruiters search for you online. To hear more of Gerri’s tips, tune into her recent news story at CNN, where she also recommends Ziggs:

Whether you are a long-time user or a brand new member at Ziggs, here are three simple Job-To-Do’s every professional should check off today, employed or not.

1. Manage your free professional Ziggs Profile. Update it, add photos, add links to your work. Keep it fresh. If you don't have a Ziggs Profile, start yours for free here.

2. List yourself in several of Ziggs Professional Directories for added visibility in your field.

3. Use Ziggs' free people search to find others at Ziggs within your profession to build your network and your business.

For those looking for new employment, feel free to browse Ziggs’ free Jobs Board once a week.

Wishing you all good employment this holiday season.

November 20, 2008

Got Dirt?

Google your name. If you find links to information you would not want your boss or a prospect to see, then you have digital dirt that could use some cleaning. As people continue to post personal information freely on the web, the incidents of digital dirt negatively affecting careers are on the rise. Career experts and even TV news journalists have raised the red flag on digital dirt and are writing about how you can clean yours up.

According to Rita Ashley, job search coach, veteran technology recruiter, author and blogger at Job Search Debugged, “personal digital dirt has no shelf life; it can last forever.” She asks, “How can you overcome these self made obstacles to create a professional brand?
How can you manage your professional brand on-line and keep dirt away from your digital door?” Rita answers these questions in detail with six action steps anyone can take to shine up their online brand and keep it squeaky clean. I can’t help but agree with Rita’s ultimate suggestion – use the “uber solution” that helps push your bad search results lower by positioning your best search result content on top – a solution also known as Ziggs.

Ned Hibberd, newscaster at FOX in Houston, recently reported on digital dirt and how to respond to it. Ned recommends that you “accentuate the positive, even if you can't eliminate the negative.” He goes on to suggest using Ziggs to accomplish just that. Take a look at Ned’s views on this topic in his recent news story "What's Google revealing about you?" on FOX.

Got dirt? Rise above it... Check out Ziggs WebPro to learn how you can put your best foot forward on page one is search results using your Ziggs Profile. Don't have a Ziggs Profile yet? There's no better time than the present. Give yourself the gift of having a positive online brand by joining Ziggs now and starting your free Ziggs Profile.

October 21, 2008

Thank You From Ziggs

Ziggs has been quietly fielding media interview requests for some time now. As a result of this growing interest in Ziggs, we have recently received national news coverage from CBS, Yahoo.com, AOL.com, MSNBC TV and numerous blogs during early October. We're honored to have our story shared by these media giants with you. Thanks CBS and especially Molly Hughes for your recent news story about how people can learn a little more about how often they're being googled and found via their free Ziggs Profile's email alert and tracking service.

From CBS: Who is Googling You? Ziggs Knows.

To understand exactly how this free Ziggs service works, learn more here.

We’d like to thank our new and existing customers for their interest in Ziggs and their ongoing support of Ziggs. We hope you take advantage of all the free services Ziggs has to offer professionals.

Remember to keep your Ziggs Profile updated, shiny and new at all times. So far, CBS and Fox have interviewed fifteen Ziggs customers from across the US, with more in the works. Maybe you'll be next!

September 25, 2008

Recession Proof Yourself

According to the US Department of Labor, US jobless claims were at a seven year high at the close of the week of September 20th, 2008. Although this is partially due to a lift in jobless claims as a result of hurricanes Gustav and Ike, it's times like these that call for every professional to take frequent steps to recession-proof their business reputation and their career.

Steps can include taking classes part-time to expand skills or improve leadership abilities. Increase the frequency of networking activities with both distant colleagues and local events for your profession.

Since your reputation and your experience are part of your professional brand, it's a good idea to highlight your recent accomplishments both offline and online. Polish up your resume with new accomplishments. Put a fresh shine to your online business profiles, especially your Ziggs Profile.

Your Ziggs Profile can be enhanced by adding your recent accomplishments, adding new links to your online results, and improving your professional photo if possible. First impressions make a lasting impression so make sure your online impression is a powerful one via your Ziggs Profile.

To ensure potential job managers can find you online, be sure to give your Ziggs Profile top visiblity in all search engines, and also buy your own domain name for added professional visibility. You can do this through Ziggs quickly and easily. Ziggs will link your profile directly to your new domain name at http://www.yourname.com/.

Once you've completed these touch-ups to both your offline and online brand identity, continue to grow your network now. You'll be glad you did if you reach a point where you need to network for a new job. But in the meantime, remember to smile. We'll all get through this if we work together.